Pre/Post Construction Tree Preservation

Trees in urban environments are subject to many abuses that are not found in nature. Many times people fall in love with a tree and want to build their home near it and in the process unknowingly hurt or kill their tree.  We can help preserve your tree. the best results are obtained by developing a tree protection plan and implementing it before any construction takes place. Here are some of the things we recommend and can do for you.

  • Fencing of the tree-protection area
  • Placement of off-limits signs on these areas
  • Minimize soil compaction  By limiting traffic and specifying tree protection zones (TPZ) much of the damage caused by heavy equipment can be minimized. mulching inside and outside the TPZ can help immensely
  • Delay the planting of any new material until the construction is completed
  • Pre/post construction soil injections can provide a boost to the tree in these times of root stress